Turangi Fishing Report 9 June 2022

Flooding on SH1

Brian Willson, professional guide, 021667867, brings us his weekly fly fishing report from Turangi for the Central North Island lakes and rivers.

Hello fellow fly fishers,

Well it has been an up and down week as far as weather goes and as I am writing this the heavens have opened up once again.

This happened exactly the same as I was writing my last report last Thursday and the rain was heavy and caused quite a bit of flooding. I thought that SH1 was almost going to be closed in the wetlands area around the Waimarino and Waiotaka River areas. Not quite, but it must have been close as there was a clear current from the flood streams crossing the road. The Tongariro River actually got up to over 500 cumecs which obviously made fishing impossible. The Tauranga Taupo River was also out of action but the Hinemaiaia was OK.

So if you have come to the area for a weekend fishing the Tongariro or Tauranga Taupo and don’t want to be cramped in the Hinemaiaia, are your fishing options depleted.

Not so. We are blessed in this part of the country to have so many options available to us, sometimes we might have to think outside the square a bit.

For one, we have a lake that is bigger in area than Singapore and more importantly, is home to a great deal of fish. It is exactly times like these when some excellent shore-based fly fishing can be had. Rain will not affect the water in the lake and fishing the edges of discoloured water and clear water at stream mouths can be deadly.

Also, there are numerous points around the lake where trout love to congregate. A favourite of mine is Mission Point at Waitetoko. The Tauranga Taupo River enters the lake about 1-2km south and when in flood, with the aid of a westerly wind, the current flows right past the point. Often it is quite obvious as a brown slick can be seen going past the point. The aim is to aim (towards the island), to the edge of the slick. Some years ago I had a very successful evening here in conditions similar to what we have just experienced and at the same time of year.

I caught about 15 fish, pretty much a fish on every cast before the cold got the better of me.

Mission point was where I learnt to fly fish as a boy and I have caught many fish there over the years. I like a strong westerly or southwestearly wind here and a rough lake which brings the trout in even closer to the big rocks.

By the end of the weekend the rivers were settling down and early this week I had some superb fishing.

All rivers were fishing well and unlike last week where I had no company on the Tauranga Taupo, this week the carpark was full. I guess this is the time of year where everybody migrates to this part of the country and basically camps here for the next month or two as carparks are now full at all rivers.

All fishing methods are working but if the water is discoloured I believe the wet liners will do best.

I have a client coming down from Auckland today that wants to go fishing for a week. I am hoping the weather doesn’t deteriorate too much (as it is forecast to do), so we can get some good fishing in.

I have not been over to the Whakapapa or Whanganui Rivers for a couple of weeks as I am waiting for the weather to settle a bit as I don’t like too much colour in the water over there. Remember the Whakapapa River is closed to fishing at the end of this month.

The photos show some nice fish from the Tauranga Taupo earlier in the week and a view of the Hinemaiaia River looking downstream.

The I Love Fly Fishing shop in Turangi continues to be busy and is open for business all hours. If you are in the area and need gear outside normal hours, just give me a ring and I will open up.

Until next time,

Tight lines,

Brian Willson

NZPFGA member. Tongariro River Flow Tauranga-Taupo River Flow

Brian with a good fish from high water
Brian with a good fish from high water
Hinemaiaia river
Hinemaiaia river
Lovely rainbow trout to the net
Lovely rainbow trout to the net

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