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Barrie – 021925006 I Love Fly Fishing

Simon Hoole – 0210376047 I’m a keen enthusiast for fly fishing, especially all things trout Spey and Skagit style tactics. I’m also a keen fly tyer, with a strong focus on tube flies, leech and Intruders style patterns. I’ve been associated with I LOVE FLY FISHING since the early days and has been a key ambassador for OPST, Aquaz and Speyco as well as all of the ILFF catalogue. Also as a real keen saltwater fly fisher I can often be found flicking a Crazy Simon fly around the Auckland region.

Brian Willson – 021667867  I am a professional trout fishing guide ( and a member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association). I have guided anglers from all over the globe including having guided in Oregon.

Leigh Johnson – 0274488282

I have fished on and off for 30+ years, mostly off and never successfully.  However, since retirement I have committed to spending the time to become a good fly fisher.  We have a home on the Kapiti Coast and another in the Waitaki Valley, where I’m having fun learning how to fish spooky South Island trout on dry flies.  I am increasingly enthralled by fly tying and with that comes a new interest in bugs.  I am the founder and coordinator of Women on The Fly NZ
WoTF is still evolving.  This is the new mission:
As New Zealand’s best-connected community for women who fly fish, Women on the Fly is dedicated to enriching women’s lives, emphasising the benefits to mental, physical, and social well-being, and fostering respect for our natural environment. We connect anglers, host events, and promote women-led initiatives through collaboration, building skills and confidence for everyone from curious beginners to experienced enthusiasts.

Meinrad Roehrs – 02041094295 It is fair to say that I am enjoying the casting side most in fly fishing. No fishing day is too perfect to swap it over for a pure casting session at a sports ground near me, busting myth about fly casting which most people even do not know about. (Meinrad is an Internationally Qualified Casting Instructor)

Tyler Green – 0210394975  I’ve grown up with a fishing background as it’s been a common sport throughout the family. I was spin fishing for most of my life till I picked up fly fishing at the end of 2019. With the help of ex and current NZ fly team anglers I’ve managed to pick up a lot of different techniques and I’ve decided to start competition fly fishing. My favourite technique is Czech/Euro nymphing. I’m from Palmerston North and my local river is the Manawatu River. Feel free to send a text if you’re near to sort out a fly fishing mission.

Pawel Mikolajczyk – 021960806 Since moving from Poland to New Zealand, now living in Tāmaki-Makaurau, I have seen how beautiful the backcountry here is.  Being able to get close to nature and discover new places has led to fly-fishing (both fresh and salt water) becoming my number one passion!  I enjoy the friendship of this great team and feel lucky to be an ILFF Ambassador.

Ben Rees – 0274056492  Hi my name is Ben Rees born and bred in the Kaikoura in the South Island of New Zealand.  I have grown up around the ocean where for most my life I was into surfing and its lifestyle which has been amazing for me for the experiences it has brought me with travel around the globe and locally here in nz. Recently my good friend got me into flyfishing and its really given me a new excitement of just being in the beautiful outdoors, mountains and amazing rivers that New Zealand has to offer. Tramping for hours in the bush and up rivers would not have excited me that much before until the element of  flyfishing came along. I’m super stoke to have meet Barrie and the team at I Love Fly Fishing and with there continued support behind me it  has given me the opptunity to refine my skills and excell in these areas.  With photography  as my other passion I can also combine this with fly fishing and just get out there and have fun and do my thing with others .

Adam Strawbridge – 0211334516   I’m a super keen angler from the waikato who loves to tie flies and go fish all over the north island, I spend my winters in taupo and explore remote backcountry rivers throughout summer, im looking forward to getting into the saltwater game in the future and keep growing my skills and knowledge across the board, cheers Adam.

Boda (Bhutan) – +975-17795090 My name is Boda. I am from Bhutan. As a fly fishing enthusiast, I am someone who has developed a passion for this sport over the past year. I have likely spent countless hours practicing my casting technique, exploring different bodies of water, and experimenting with different fly patterns in order to catch different species of fishes. Despite the challenges that come with fly fishing, I love the sense of tranquility and connection with nature that it provides. Whether you are casting on a calm river or hiking to a remote stream, fly fishing is a way for me to escape the stresses of daily life and immerse myself in the beauty of the natural world.

Kason Koboski – 02041045480  I was born in greenville South Carolina (USA). After moving to New Zealand I fell in love with everything ‘trout fishing’. My trout fishing journey started when I was about 3 years old trolling lures around Lake Taupo, and using spinners in Taranaki rivers. I am currently based in Taranaki and spend most of my spare time tying flies or wet wading through the ring plain rivers with my fly rod in search of big browns and rainbows. For the last 6 years or so I have been focusing my skills on fly fishing with every different pattern I can find or tie. My fly fishing endeavours began with my uncle or mentor/guide Ben Leslie. Since the beginning he has taught me almost everything there is to know about fly fishing. All throughout my younger years Ben has been taking me on amazing trips all around the North Island. Taupo is a very special place for me as well since this is where my first years of fly fishing really began.

Matt Hoole (Australia)- +61 439834034 Introduced to the backcountry and rivers of the North Island early, I began fly fishing from a young age. The Waikato region offered an expanse of rivers and streams to immerse myself in and learn to fly fish. After immigrating to Australia in 2007, I’ve spent the last sixteen years exploring waters around greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains region of NSW and more recently the rivers and streams in the ACT, Canberra, after moving our young family here. Framed by the Brindabella, Namadgi and Kosciuszko National Parks, Canberra offers a variety of top class fisheries. The Snowy Mountains in the Australian Alps, is regarded as one of the best fisheries in Australia. Drift nymphing under indicators has been my long time passion, but nowadays I spend as much time dry fly fishing, Czech nymphing or stalking lake edges for big browns with streamer patterns. I share most of my missions on the riverbank with my wife and kids and enjoy writing and documenting these experiences for future enjoyment.

Aaron West – 0212567028 I love fly fishing. In particular sight fishing. After spending most of my early years stalking fish in the Manawatu, I got involved in competitive fly fishing. This opened up a whole new dimension to my fly fishing. Enjoyed a lot of success on the NZ national circuit, and have represented NZ on several occasions, both here and around the world in various competitions, including 5 World Champs. Now residing in Pukekawa, I am involved in Sport Fly Fishing NZ, as their angler development officer, helping encourage those keen to learn. Fly fishing is a never-ending journey, and after more than 30 years, I still feel I have so much to learn. 

Lewis Peart – 02102685963 As a lifelong angler, my passion for fly fishing has taken center stage over the last few years. Proudly representing ILFF, I’m venturing into the competitive scene aiming to pursue the art of Euro nymphing, where I relish in the utter nerdiness of it all. When I’m after some solace though, the backcountry and Waikato streams are home, here I can tease finicky fish with dry flies and focus on method over volume. Here in Tamaki Makaurau I chase an array of saltwater species as well when that 3AM start is just too daunting… Fly fishing is my lifelong love, and I’m thrilled to share it with the world.

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