Euro Nymphing For Winter Trout

Euro nymphing for winter trout

It’s winter now and I have packed away my dry-dropper rig, so it’s all about euro nymphing and swinging flies for the rest of the winter. Apart from when my indicator nymphing rig comes out on the Tongariro. Taupo rivers have been firing lately with brilliant fishing for great condition trout. I have heard of some stunner days on the Taupo rivers from friends fishing last weekend.

I had a two-day trip recently, the first day went well but was a bit tough. On day two the fishing went off with a bang and only got better as the river rose a little and coloured up a bit. With the other rivers flooded this river presents the perfect situation where euro nymphing excels. The 10 foot, 3 weight Nano Nymph combo is light and easily delivers heavy flies to the pockets and seams where the fish are holding. Often these spots are hard to fish with an indicator rig as there may be multiple currents that you need to fish across making a good drift impossible. Euro nymphing does not have that problem and it is easy and simple to fish across currents of different speeds.

I did have a bit of a shocker with losing fish though. It was just a bad day tying knots and I still had a cracker day with some really good rainbows landed. Granted I know that 20++ days aren’t uncommon but 14 hooked on this river is my best yet and I left for Auckland at around 2:30 pm so it wasn’t a full day either.

Below is the video of the day and I hope you enjoy it. I share my setup and talk through what I am doing as I fish. To see more videos take a look at my website here.

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