Catch More Fish At Lake Taupo Stream Mouths

Have you ever wondered how you could catch more fish at Lake Taupo stream mouths. Here are a few tips that may increase your catch rate.

1 – When there is a lot of rain about and the major rivers become unfishable, the small stream mouths become a viable option to fish. Where the stream enters the lake the water will be discoloured but not so on the edge of the current where it will be clear. This is where you want to be positioned to cast a large streamer fly out and slowly tease it back towards you on a slow irregular retrieve. It should be noted that the fish could also be congregating some 50 metres or so down the beach where the current turns and comes back to the shore. If it is not obvious what the current is doing, I normally throw 3 or 4 pieces of pumice into the current at different intervals and study the route. Generally, you will find these pieces of pumice all end up in the same place regardless of where they were first put in the current. The point where the current turns back to the beach is another good place to target. The current direction is largely influenced by the wind and being aware of this will help you decide which stream mouth to fish. For example, a strong nor’wester will make fishing a stream like the Waipehi impossible to fish but because the lake is basically a circle, when fishing a stream like the Whareroa or Omori in these conditions the angler will experience calm conditions.

Big Brown at night at a small stream mouth

2 – If fishing shallow water like the Omori or Waipehi, ensure your floating line is clean. Unclean floating lines will sink enough to snag on rocks etc which gets very frustrating.

3 – Keep traces short and up the breaking strain to 4kg. Some of these hits on a desirable looking streamer can be ferocious.

4 – Consider fishing at night and a dark night at that. Do your homework on conditions, flow and marker points in the day time though.

5 – If the water is discoloured use big dark flies like rabbit, marabou or woolly bugger. Luminous flies can be deadly too but the Brownies tend to shy off these. (There’s plenty of rainbows out there though).

Early in the evening at the Waipehi Stream mouth with Motutaiko Island.

6 – Check that your hooks are sharp, your knots are adequate and  your leader is knot free.

7 – If fishing at night and the current is moving you will be able to sense that one leg is slightly cooler than the other if you are standing in the prime spot. If nothing is happening move slowly, laterally if you have room to do so.

8 – DON’T stand out too deep. The fish will come up to you if you let them.

9 – Have a good head torch as well as a spare in your pocket somewhere.

We have the luxury in the Taupo area that even if all rivers are heavy in flood, we have a lake that can be fished at all times. I hope these tips are useful.

Cheers – Brian Willson – NZPFGA member (021667867)


My name is Brian Willson and I have been a fly fisher for over 50 years. I am a professional fishing guide and current NZPFGA member of which I have served at executive level and have guided anglers of different skill sets, ages and gender from all over the world. I have also written two books on fly fishing and am a keen artist. I am passionate about fly fishing and the therapeutic qualities it offers and enjoy sharing this experience with people on and off the water. Over the years I have made some amazing friendships that continue to this day. I have partnered up with one of these friendships, Barrie Barnes from I Love Fly Fishing, and I sell exclusively, quality, affordable fly fishing gear at my premises at 8 Wiremu Street, Turangi, the designated I Love Fly Fishing shop in Turangi which is open all hours— just ring 021667867 anytime. I take a serious interest in my clients and freely offer advice when asked and am happy to talk fishing anytime. Tight lines, Brian Willson

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