AQUAZ Wader Pro-Rata Warranty


 This warranty must be read and accepted prior to purchase.  In purchasing this product the purchaser agrees that they’re bound by the terms of this warranty.

I LOVE FLY FISHING™ representing TRAPER™ and AQUAZ™ complies with the requirements of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and the achievement of customer satisfaction. To this end it is important that an owner/purchaser be familiar with the TRAPER™ and AQUAZ™ wader warranty known as the PRO-RATA LIMITED TAPED SEAM ONLY warrantyShould a prospective owner/purchaser not be willing to accept and be bound by this PRO-RATA LIMITED TAPED SEAM ONLY warranty then they should not purchase this product. TRAPER™ and AQUAZ™ waders are covered by and limited to, a PRO-RATA LIMITED TAPED SEAM ONLY warranty of twelve (12) months from date of purchase and applies only to the first (original) owner/user.

ZIPPED WADERS: Front zipped waders must be stored with the front zip down (unzipped).

COMMERCIAL USE. No warranty shall apply when TRAPER™ and AQUAZ™ waders are purchased for commercial and/or by in-trade users of any type including and not limited to Guides and/or Guiding services irrespective of use type, clients or personal, and purchase price.

FIRST ONE (1) MONTH. If a pair of waders suffers Taped Seam failure within one (1) month from date of purchase, the waders, subject to all other conditions of this PRO-RATA LIMITED TAPED SEAM ONLY will be replaced free of charge

PRO-RATA means that, irrespective of any use or not, whilst the warranty is for a total of twelve (12) months after the first one (1) month, any replacement will be based financially on the remaining period of the warranty that is left given that a period of use has been available, whether used or not. For example, where a pair of waders have had taped seam failure after eight (8) months from date of purchase and are not repairable under the terms of this warranty the remaining four (4) months being 4/12ths of the purchase price may be credited against a new pair in the event of replacement and not repair. In all cases before PRO-RATA is considered I LOVE FLY FISHING™ reserves the right to consider repair. This is NOT to be considered a refund.

CORRECT SIZE. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the owner/purchaser to ensure that the wader size chosen is suitable for the size of the owner/purchaser in that there’s sufficient excess and movement in all areas of legs and body that without which would cause stress on the wader fabric and/or taped seams complying with the TRAPER™ and AQUAZ™ size chart that’s available on the website with the product. In the event of any claim under the PRO-RATA LIMITED TAPED SEAM ONLY warranty TRAPER™ and AQUAZ™ represented by I LOVE FLY FISHING™ reserve the right to request personal size details to establish whether the size of the waders chosen were correct. Refer to the I LOVE FLY FISHING™ Size Guarantee that ensures that the choice of the correct size is and was available at all times and in choosing a size an owner/ purchaser waives any claim as to incorrect size and subsequent damage that can be

TAPED SEAMS ONLY. This warranty does not under any circumstances for whatever reason cover any other part, and or function, of the waders, other than specifically the ‘taped seams’, and does not cover – direct, indirect consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product. Further the warranty does not cover misuse, neglect, normal wear and tear, fire, theft, loss, unintentional or intentional damage which includes stretching of the fabric and/or seams. Further the warranty does not cover any part of the waders, including the seams, under any circumstances for any reason where worn or used by any other person other than the original (non-commercial) purchaser.

CLAIMS. Any claim against this PRO-RATA LIMITED TAPED SEAM ONLY warranty must include a dated proof of purchase and must be returned to place of purchase at the purchasers cost only after a WSR (Warranty Service Request) is obtained. Any waders being returned under a WSR must be washed and cleaned prior to being returned. The waders will subsequently be inspected to determine whether the PRO-RATA LIMITED TAPED SEAM WARRANTY applies. Should the PRO-RATA LIMITED TAPED SEAM WARRANTY apply it is limited to repair or replacement only. TRAPER™ and AQUAZ™ represented by I LOVE FLY FISHING™ reserve the right, for waders covered by the PRO-RATA LIMITED TAPED SEAM ONLY warranty, to determine whether to repair or replace and if replacement is of a discontinued model, to replace with a newer model if and when necessary. Colours may vary between original and replacement models and parts. (E&OE 01JUNE2021)

NOTE: When measuring INSEAM at least 2 inches (50mm) MUST BE ADDED to actual measurement to ensure sufficient movement and reduction of stress on material and seams.

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